egyptian national traceability center

Suggested Portal for Egyptian Traceability System

Online traceability portal for Egyptian exports as designed by a Manarasoft expert in August 2004

In July/August 2004, a Manarasoft expert designed the first scheme for an internet-based scalable supply-chain traceability center/service on the national level in Egypt. Model assumed a centralized service with authority-level involvement to host core application and to define, implement, and update system rules and specifications.

Scheme was primarily designed in response to the General Food Law EC178/2002 addressing safety of foodstuff in the EU countries. System assumes data security and privacy at all stages. This includes business proprietary data that's normally masked from competitors such as volume of trade achieved by individual exporters, identity of foreign partners (importers), variety and specification of produce traded, etc.

The proposed traceability scheme adopted several levels of system users and beneficiaries, with several roles and authority level. Main categories assumed are as follows, sorted from least to highest authority level:

  1. End User in importing country.
  2. Local Lot Owner/Exporter in Egypt.
  3. Foreign Lot Owner/Importer in importing country.
  4. Local Authorities (in Egypt)
  5. Foreign Authorities (in importing country)

The proposed system was presented via ETRACE Project to United Nations's Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry (MFTI or MIFT at the time this system was designed). Later, MFTI presented Egyptian National Traceability System "NATS", utilizing similar concepts to the scheme developed by Manarasoft expert in August 2004.

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