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ATUT Project Technical Reports and Commodity Studies
for Some Selected Horticultural Crops in Egypt:*

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water melon slice  
  • Improved Quality in Grapes for Export   
  • Mango Cultivar Evaluation   
  • Mango Cultivation   
  • Manual of Viticulture for Technicians and Table Grape Growers   
  • Postharvest Treatments for Mango   
  • Produce Packaging: A Practical Workshop   
  • Site Survey of Egyptian Refrigeration & Precooling Facilities   
  • Strategic Options for the Development of the Strawberry Export Industry   
Additional reports can be found here.

More ATUT reports are continuously added for download (PDF Format) in both Arabic and English from Manarasoft servers. Please contact us if you need to download any unpublished report.

Important: Agriculcultural Technology Utilization and Transfer (ATUT) is a project agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation in Egypt and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It was started 1995 and concluded 2002. Technical assistance was provided by RONCO Consulting Company. All reports and studies produced thereunder are meant for public distribution and can be downloaded or obtained free or charge from various sources. However, under no circumstances should these reports be sold in part or in whole, or reproduced under a different name.

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